• Online Ordering

    Setup bi-lingual and fully customizable Website or WeChat stores for Pickup, Delivery and Catering.

  • POS

    A point-of-sale for delivery and take-away stores that process all of your online orders in real-time.

  • Kitchen

    Give your chefs the tools to tackle everything from daily prepping to recipe creation and inventory.

  • Back Office

    Everything your team needs to handle finance, suppliers, marketing, staff, and your online stores.

  • Delivery

    Manage and track your delivery fleet, orders, client addresses, routes, and schedules.

    Coming Soong

Online Ordering

  • Start taking orders from your Website, WeChat and WholeSale stores

    Build a cost efficient, easy to manage online shop, own your own customer database and save on commissions from delivery services.

    • Customize Everything

      You have full control over everything your clients see. From confirmation emails to printable receipts, easily adjust it the way you want it, or even use your own code.
    • Built for Delivery

      NoshPos comes with all the features that your food delivery business needs, including customizable delivery time-slots and fees, discounts and loyalty programs.
    • Content Management

      We have everything a modern online shop needs, including news, faq, press clips, slideshows and more. Everything is ready for multiple-languages.
    • Everything in Sync

      All your products, customer, and sales data is always in sync with your POS and Back Office. This saves money and allows you to better manage your restaurant.


  • A modern E-POS system that runs on any Hardware and is fully integrated into your Business

    • Online Payments Built In

      There's no need for other payment software, all major payment solutions are natively built into the POS system, simply accept payments by scanning a customers phone.
    • Customer Facing Screen

      For walk-in and takeaway shop, the customer screen shows all ordered items and the total amount to be paid, and can display promotional image and payment information.
    • For Restaurants, Quick Serve and Delivery

      A truly flexible system, NoshPos is built from scratch all types of restaurants, with built-in features for sit-down restaurants, quick serve (take-away), and delivery.
    • Online Order Management

      Online orders placed through your Website and Wechat store appear in the POS system in real time. We also connect to popular 3rd party delivery platforms like Ele.me


  • Control Waste, Purchases, Transfers and Stock Levels in Real-time

    • Stock Control

      Control waste, transfers, production and purchases. Create recipes of prep- and purchase items, and track stock levels in real-time.
    • Recipes

      A sophisticated but easy-to-use system to manage your recipes and control food-cost. Keep them up-to-date and in a safe place across multiple outlets.
    • Supplier Purchases

      With NoshPos you can order fresh ingredients directly from your suppliers. Create pre-approved products that your kitchen staff can order with just a click.
    • Checklists

      Turn your operations paper-less and create custom checklists and forms for all your daily SOPs and procedures.

Back Office

    • All the Tools you need to run your F&B Business and Engage Your Customer

      • Marketing

        Maintain and expand your client based with our sophisticated discounts and marketing system that includes client-reactivation and more.
      • Finance

        Track and manage cash and supplier expenses on a store and office level directly through the POS or the back-end interfaces.
      • Customer Service

        There's no need to invest into costly 3rd party CRM systems, we have everything you need to manage your customer base.
      • Human Resources

        Maintain a database of your staff together with work contracts, training history and warnings, and track work time and attendance.


  • "NoshPos gives us a lot of options to create our own custom discounts and vouchers for marketing campaigns. It's great that we can customize everything the way we want. The pop-up windows that allow clients to select additional items when they add products to their cart are great for food ordering"
    Simon Vogel
  • "This backend system has honestly revolutionized our business. It is sleek and intuitive and has all the features we need to track all of the moving parts in a growing food business. It is far and away better than anything I have seen (and used!) on the market. Nosh POS has anticipated the needs of users, and the features they have are ones that are actually useful and can help companies spend time on their core business."
    Lexie Comstock
  • "With over 80 delivery orders per hour in peak times, it's important for us to have a reliable system that allows our team to process online orders quickly. The interface is easy to understand by our local Chinese kitchen team, and the many operational tools help us eliminate errors".
    Eva Wu

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What hardware do I need to use NoshPos?

    NoshPos is a cloud-based POS system and can run on any computer with an internet connection. Any printer can be used to print receipts. NoshPos also works on Windows tablets.

  • Does it work without an internet connection ?

    NoshPos is a hybrid system - the POS runs locally to guarantee fast performance, but stores data in the cloud, so you can conveniently manage your systems and access all your data at anytime, from anywhere.

  • Does it also work for sit-down restaurants?

    Yes, our POS is build for all types of restaurant, and is currently being used by busy bars, large sit down restaurants, and food delivery businesses. There's no limit to how many terminals and printers you want to connect.

  • What are your commissions for online payments?

    We don’t charge a commission and we don’t handle payments, so the money flows directly to you. For all payment solutions that we support, you'll need to get your own accounts with the payment providers.

  • Can I just use some of the components?

    Yes. You’ll get the most out of NoshPos when using all of its features, as they often rely on each other, (for example, the inventory requires your purchase and sales data). But feel free to get started with basic features such as the POS system and setting up an online store, then take it from there.

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